We heard it’s time to soar 🚀

AAFC – Marketing Video

Once we have picked and expanded upon a creative direction for this “ribbon,” we will execute in 3D throughout all the footage as a device to connect the ideas and scenes. A key part of selling this device is its integration into the scene through details such as shadows, reflections and clever spatial placement.  There will be no physical interaction between our “ribbon” and the action of the stock scene but our aim is to integrate so seamlessly, reality is suspended and it feels completely natural gliding around the places and people we’re seeing.



Our concept is to connect our story though 3D paths that are transparent, refractive and eye catching. The scenery will shimmer and warp through these shapes, never loosing complete sight of our sense of place, but still telling our story.

Here’s a very rough test on one of your stock selects as a proof of concept.

Motion Test


Glass Style References


In our spare time at Feather we experiment. Thousands and thousands of experiments. We love experiments, here are 3.