Capital Group – Life Stages

Hey JP

We heard it’s time to make some movement 💃

3D Projection and Parallax

We’re going to use a combination of 3D projection and parallax to bring these images to life. Our goal is to create a seamless, impressive tapestry of images rather than discreet stock shots. We’re going to accomplish this by cropping out each individual element every photo, and create a three dimensional shape for them to be mapped onto. We’re then going to use a virtual video camera to ‘re-photograph’ these new shapes to create the illusion of slow motion movement. This new hyper-real slow motion effect will result in stunning and visually captivating imagery. On top of using the existing photos, we will also be adding elements to add depth to transitions between ‘shots’. Details with further help sell the imagery’s movement: things like snow, small air particles and smoke. What follows is a detailed break-down of our concepts for the shots in the spot.


Movement + Transition Concepts


Movement: The boy’s bodies will move in a playful fight. Snow will fall all around them.

Transition: A flurry of snow leads the camera across the field to the next scene.


Movement: The two kids move closer together. The background slips though frame.

Transition: A sun-flare wipes through frame and matches the back-light position of the following shot.


Movement: The two girls move closer together, their hair blowing in the wind.

Transition: The right-hand side of frame will be cropped out, and show the edge of the street from the following shot, creating on seamless landscape.


Movement: Each character takes a step forward as the camera tracks from left to right over the scene.

Transition: Camera pans right and goes right through the window into the office environment of the next scene.


Movement: Each character continues their gesture in slow motion. Small air particles dance through the air.

Transition: The camera moves up, right through the ceiling, in the 2nd floor.


Movement: Each character is moving subtly though their excited conversation. The textured glass in the FG distorts the scene.

Transition: The FG silhouetted figure of the man placing a ring on the finger of his bride wipes frame.


Movement: Existing video.

Transition: The camera moves through some additional elements signifying life expansion i.e. house, furniture, car, and then… child.


Movement: Existing video.

Transition: Foliage out of focus in the FG wipes frame.


Movement: The character’s smiles widen as the hammock rocks back and forth.

Transition: We quickly pull back and introduce an additional element: a nice view of a metropolitan cityscape. We then pull back straight through a window into our boardroom scene.


Movement: Smiles widen, camera tracks and particles dance through the air.

Transition: We continue our pull back out of the office building to drop straight down to our board-walk scene.


Movement: The sun glimmers on the water’s surface as our two men gesture at each other, lost in conversation.

Transition: The camera pans up to the sky, showing the sun, and then back down to find our graduation.


Movement: The camera moves from left to right, accentuating the perspective of the line-up of graduates.

Transition: Our camera pans down and gets lost in the blackness of the graduates’ gowns and reveals the casket.


Movement: The hands all drop to place a rose onto the casket.

Transition: A new element, a closeup rose falls through foreground, and wipes frame to the lush garden setting of the next scene.


Movement: The man and woman gesture while the leaves flutter in the FG.

Transition: Our camera pans right to find our street scene.


Movement: The woman smiles and lift up their papers as the reflection of the city ripples in the window in front of them.

Transition: Our camera zooms up to find the couple on the roof.


Movement: The camera settles as a flock of birds fly through the city scene.

Transition: Camera flies backwards, again through a window into our next scene.


Movement: The man and woman lean into their gesture towards their work.

Transition: The camera flies back out through the window and we introduce some additional elements: industry, transportation, factories.


Movement: Light rays shine down through the back windows illuminating the scene.

Transition: The camera shoots upwards through the ceiling and we end up on street level.


Movement: Each character takes a step forward as cars move and a flock of birds takes off directly behind the talent.

Transition: A car wipes through FG and reveals the waterfront.


Movement: Each character takes a step as the sun moves in the background, dramatically rotating their long shadows in the foreground. The water shimmers in the sun.

Transition: The characters sitting next to the waterfront wipe frame from right to left.


Movement: The men gesture, and we will replace the background with a busy, more dramatic waterway.

Transition: The camera pulls backwards through a window into our cafe scene, where we will replace the window view with the waterfront scene.


Movement: Each character moves through their gesture, the waterfront scene continues in the background and their coffee presently steams.

Transition: A lush close-up garden wipes through frame.


Movement: Smiles all around and the little girl raises her toy to the air.

Transition: The string lights above the family overexpose, filling the scene with light and revealing the next sun-lit street scene.


Movement: The men walk forward as the rays of light undulate and cars move through the street.

Transition: Additional elements of industry: blueprints, patents etc. wipe frame.


Movement: The men stand up proudly as information whirrs across their screens.

Transition: A quick pan through an office door to our boardroom.


Movement: The woman confidently adjusts her gaze, and brings her hand to her chin.

Transition: The camera does an extreme ‘rack focus’ where this scene goes out of focus and we focus on a couple rain drops, that bring us to the next outdoor scene.


Movement: The runners jog forward as water splashes and rain falls in super slow motion all around them.

Transition: Another ‘rack-focus’ back through a window and into the boardroom.


Movement: The man in the white shirt adjusts his hands confidently explaining his thoughts, coffee steams and birds fly outside the window.

Transition: Additional elements representing growth of wealth.


Movement: Existing video.


Movement: Existing video.


Movement: The hug get’s tighter. We’ll replace the kitchen with a wider view, that can help up transition to the next scene as well as allow for a more dramatic right to left camera move.

Transition: The camera continues from right to left directly through the home, to outside, brining us to the front porch.


Movement: The family happily raises their glasses and cheers.


Movement: Existing Video


Movement: Existing Video