Collective Arts – Masterbrand

Hey Sister Merci

We heard it’s to time brew creativity! 🍻 🎨

Seamlessly blending 2D & 3D styles, we’ll create an engaging & visually captivating 60 second spot that showcases the distinctive and eclectic feel of Collective Arts.

Animation References

Here we have some video references to inspire various animation styles. Each Collective Arts product has it’s own unique creative style – we’d want each product to have its own signature look that integrates with the illustrative art being used to showcase it.

3D Can & Bottle Style References

With the art component being illustrated & showcased in 2D, we think it would be great to juxtapose that with the cans + bottles + environments being composed and rendered in 3D. With punchy & colourful backdrops that fit the colour palette of each product, the lighting would be bright and dynamic – it would even be great to be able to showcase the products with their different styled labels to show the assortment of art on the products themselves. Here’s some styles that could inspire us.

And Lastly!

Here’s some small snippets of our past work that leans in this direction.