Canadian Women's Foundation - Mother’s Day 2021

Hey Hard Work Club

We heard it’s time to hype up mom 💗

But first, a little about Feather.

Feather is a creative post finishing studio based in Toronto. We believe that through a tight integration of colour, visual effects, and motion design, we can tell great stories.

Enough, on to the content…

Mother’s Day 2021

A story about mothers is one that we can all connect with and one that deserves to leave a lasting impression. By using bold and dynamic kinetic typography, this powerful message will be amplified. We plan to bring a playful aspect to the kinetic typography that will add a sense of movement that re-enforces a call to action. We’re focused on making the message clear, bold, and loud — because we agree, it’s time that motherhood got a rebrand! Mothers are put at the forefront of this campaign and the kinetic typography will be emblematic of their empowerment.

Here’s How

Reference: MEXX

Stretchy and bouncy kinetic typography adds a playful edge to the story. It’s done here while incorporating picture in picture technique allowing the text and picture to interact with one another. We’ll use similar techniques to bring Mother’s Day to life.

Reference: Cashmere

This kinetic typography springs and transforms creating a sense of excitement. We finished this spot earlier this year, and we think demonstrates a more subtle use of the same technique.

Reference: Raising the Roof

The use of clean static kinetics reinstates the message in a clear and bold fashion.

Reference: Nike

Perfect pace to bring a fun, positive energy.


Some specific typographic techniques we’re going to bring to the party.

Bold Kinetics / Stretch Kinetics

Elongating and stretching the kinetics contributes to an energetic feel.

Echo Kinetics 

This typography adds an echoed vibrancy that peaks the audiences’ attention.

Kinetic Typography

Fast-paced text provokes a sense of urgency and importance.

Motion Tests

We’ve been experimenting with some of the techniques referenced above, paying focus to some of the kinetics we think really fit the spot. Please feel free to use these for reference if during the shoot you’d like the talent to interact with the kinetics or during the upcoming editorial.

Cell Animation

We wanted to add another kinetic example to the mix as we think it would be a great fit for the word ‘JUSTICE’. We think this kinetic suits the call to action the spot demands while keeping the energy fun and bouncy.