Hey McMillan Vantage

We heard it’s time to build! 🏢🔨

Using 3D animation & motion design techniques, we’ll create an engaging & visually captivating 30 second spot that expands people’s ideas and challenges them to reimagine engineers and their impact in new ways.

Animation References

Here we have our main reference. We really like the way the pieces float through space and begin to shape the final object. We would like to use this design and motion philosophy to create the transitions between different objects. A starting object would start to dissemble in a visually interesting way, and transition us into the next scene or object.

Please note, we are aware of the need to steer clear of any likeness to lego blocks. We recognize some of these examples are probably too similar for our animated film but we wanted to share these examples for other reasons. Those specific reasons have been outlined below each reference, please keep those mind when viewing.

Example of the way objects could transition between each other.
In this reference, we like the camera work and transitions between scenes. 1:04sec
We would like to use the stop motion technique to reveal some of the elements.

Some initial tests

Here are some style frames we created. We imagine this spot to be colorful, but not childlike. Little blocks are a great opportunity to play with crazy transitions between scenes. We’re currently using lego inspired blocks, but it’s important to note that we can also modify the style of these blocks to feel more like generic building blocks vs traditional lego.


Throughout the spot we’ll want our centerpieces of engineering to be grounded in a digital world. As we move from object to object, we think it’s important that the environment where we view each object is shown in the context where you might see or think of them in your day to day lives. This will move us away from abstract concepts on a stark and empty white background and bring us closer to the idea that engineers and their work are experienced in the places we see and visit everyday. Our building block wind turbines can be seen against a picturesque landscape, our bridge could be seen taking shape in an urban environment. The look and feel of these places would be digitally rendered but could lean towards more realism, to create juxtaposition and focus on the building block objects rather than the focusing on the scene they’re sitting in.

Here we have examples; the first is a project we made for AGF which showcases some environment design work that changes from scene to scene. The second is a quick render test we made in unreal engine, a software which allows us to make realtime and detailed environments with generally low render overhead. The third is a still mockup example of what one of our more creative environments could look like for a medical engineering sample.

Our work

Here’s our motion design reel, as well as a fun video we recently did with another full example of 3D animation. The tone & style isn’t perfect for this brief – but it’s fun to share 

Some Experiments

We love to experiment with art & design at Feather. Here are some of our recent explorations for fun.