Hey McMillan Vantage 👋

Here’s an update from the folks at Feather! We’ve been working away on creating our animatic for the :30s spot. We’re excited about how it’s coming along and we’re really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Before we get into it, we’d first like to showcase some updated look development with some rendered stills. These updates reflect feedback that has been implemented since we last talked; things such as introducing more elements of realism mixed into our 3D world, content updates to what used to be our DNA sequence, and a first look at our end sequence where we see the Engineers portraits.

Updated Look Development

A cancer cell being targetted using a new treatment
An updated frame featuring our wind turbines


Before watching we’d like to caveat some important things, so that they’re top of mind when viewing this work in progress.

Next Steps

We’re going to continue to hone the animatic – this will include making adjustments to scene & animation content based on any of your feedback, smoothing out camera moves and transitions, and continuing to add polish to all aspects of the piece. We are scheduled to present a revised animatic pass on February 27th. We’ll also continue to hone the look and feel of the more finalized renders along side it. Eventually as we get further along in this process these two elements will begin to converge into one and we’ll be seeing real renders beautifully animated. We’re excited to continue this creative process.