ENGINEERS CANADA: Animation Version 1

Hey McMillan Vantage 👋

We’re really excited to share our first work in progress of our spot with rendered animation. Before diving in please take a second to peak our list of things we’re still working on. This is a work in progress and it’s important to know we will continue to hone several aspects of the piece moving towards our finalized lock on March 22nd.

Labratory Scene– we’d like to finesse the way the microscope assembles.
– currently it snaps together, we’d like to add some smoothness and easing to this animation.
– we’d like to refine the transition between this scene and next with some travelling through the eyepiece to get down to the cellular level. This will be present in our next version.
Cellular Scene– we’d like to have the background cells be visible after the camera settles in its last position
– we’d like to have the blue blocks be more visible as falling ‘chunks’.
– this scene needs motion blur applied
Neighbourhood Scene– we’d like to add motion to the cars in the beginning, instead of them being static as they currently are
– we need to animate our bikers
– we’d like to enhance the animation of the blocks building the tram
– we’d like to finesse the animation that gets us into the next scene
Energy Generation Scene– overall we’d like to work on the camera motion in this shot to add some interest
– we’d like to offset the timing of the turbines as they build, having the one closest to us form first and then repeating down the line
– we’d like to add more grass and foliage, with some subtle movement instead of it being static.
– we’d like to composite in some distant land/peninsula seen out near the ocean, as was displayed in our lookdev frame for this scene.
– camera needs exit motion to get us into our next frame
Prosthetic Scene– we want to enhance the way the prosthetic interacts with the floor. Currently it is rigid – we’d like to have the bottom part flex a little, similar to how it would in real life.
– we’d like to continue to work on the shading of the real shoe on the foot.
– we will refine the intersections between the floor and feet of the second child
– we’d like to finesse the texturing of the children’s shoes and clothing
OTHER– overall we have sped up the audio of some voice over lines to fit within the 30s time frame. You may notice some strangeness with the pitch of the voice as a result. This will be fixed by OSO later on with the final voice over recording.
– We’ve included the engineer portraits and the block ripple animation that transitions them.

Version 1

Next Steps

We’d like any feedback you may have on the animations and overall scenes as a whole. We’re really excited about where it’s headed and can’t wait to get closer to the final product.