FIFA World Cup 2022

Hey Sid Lee

We heard it’s time for now 💪

FIFA – Now Is All

Going through the Now Is All VFX breakdown, it’s clear to us that the biggest ask is the fully CG Arabian Oryx’s in Lusail Stadium. We think it’s worth jumping right into some R&D and proof-of-concept… mind you, this was all done in one weekend. Within the timeline outlined in your scope of work we’re confident, thrilled really, to bring these majestic creatures to life.

The CG Oryx

Proof of Concept

Below find the results of our first pass of tests to create our Oryx. Of course, this will only improve with time. We also created a very rough version of Lusail Stadium, pulling from online news articles as reference.

Wire frames / Meshes

Here’ some behind-the-scenes peaks at our process. Some furless / hairless oryx’s before animation.

Animation Rig

We’ve created a serviceable rig for the Oryx that can accomplish wider angle shots. Within the project timeline we can take this to the next level and create a more detailed rig.


In our spare time at Feather we experiment. Thousands and thousands of experiments. We love experiments, here are 3.