Hyundai N Brand

Wanted to share some thoughts on the final shot for the N Brand Hyundai spot!


We’ll be building out the final shot to be an overhead view of the track that reflects the Hyundai N Brand ‘N’ shape. We will pull elements and the car from the drone footage that was shot but the surrounding track environment and track itself will be created entirely.

We’re matching this shot and environment to the dusk timing in the rest of the spot, which will allow us to clearly show the long exposure effect as the car races around the track – this will highlight it’s speed but also allow the ‘N’ to clearly come through.

Some inspiration and examples of the long exposure effect below. We’ve also included 2x overhead shots of track & car from the overhead angle. We’re hoping these give you a good idea of where we will take the shot.

On the left – a great example of sharp track turns, though ours will be in the shape of an “N”.

On the right, a good example of the height our camera will be at as it matches the the existing drone footage we’ll be using for the car.

Thank You!