Look Dev

Hey Alim!

Here is my initial look dev for I(n)finite. I’m really excited with where it’s headed! I have two current options to share for the middle sequence of the film. All images & video have a temporary colour grade applied to help contextualize the work.


In this option I’ve developed a look that plays directly off the characters movement. Through a combination of distortion & pixel spreading I’ve created this streaking analogue highlight effect that’s driven by selective brightness in the image. The result plays into his movements as he dips between shadow and illumination – it has the result of eliciting a feeling of escape.

This effect is semi procedural and quite art directable – there is lots of parameters that can be tweaked so that we get the right amount of the effect at the right time. In the video below I’ve applied it to the sequence and just let it run its course. I’d probably opt to tone it back over excessively bright sections so it doesn’t overtake the entire screen – but that also could be selectively used at times to drive some interesting transitions.


In this option I’ve developed a look that plays more with time. Using time echoes, streaking God rays, and chromatic aberration I’ve created an ethereal effect that traces the characters movement. Coupled with his performance we get a more delicate effect and I find it fits well with the temporal theme. It’s also an interesting way to blend frames at cut points between the two locations.

This effect is also quite tweakable! You could excentuate the ghosting streaks, layer even more time offsets, or switch between many and few at specific parts of the film for nice variation.


To continue our progress I’d like to nail down a style we can use during the back half of the film by choosing or modifying an option from above. That would then go on to inform how we could envision the look of the hand FX near the beginning of the film, as well as ‘portal’ he passes through by the circular concrete archway.

Looking forward to your thoughts.