A2 Milk

Hey Zulu

We heard it’s time to get surreal 🎢

Milk – A2 Milk

Through the use of 3D animation, 2D motion design, mixed-physical media and 3D tracking we’ll work with you to create a truly unique and memorable environment. Inside our ‘Milkverse’ laws of physics are out the window. We’re also particularly excited about working with your team to develop the portal through people’s bodies. We think the portal can be as small as some textures or as big as zooming though the entire universe. Seamless collaboration with production will be key to creating a fun, irreverent tone that’s still impressive and high quality. We believe pre-vis is a crucial step to achieving this. We’ll work closely with the director and DOP to meticulously layout our environments before the shoot, so our collective goal is crystal clear.

Style References

Here we demonstrate various styles referenced to inspire concepts for our spot.

Some of Our More Surreal Work

At Feather we’ve had experience creating some far out there, eye-catching, surreal worlds. Particularly relevant jobs we did the VFX for are a music video for Bryson Tiller: Sorrows as well as The Darcy’s: Look Me in the Eyes.

We’ve also create photo-realCG milk simulations in the past.


In our spare time at Feather we experiment. Thousands and thousands of experiments. We love experiments, here are 3.