Mosaic – Hershey NBA Court-side

Hershey NBA - OLV with social versions

Hey Mosaic

We heard it’s time to sit court-side 🏀

Hershey / NBA

Using an isometric viewpoint we’ll design, illustrate and animate a prize box playfully popping open to reveal a shiny pair of court-side seats. We will then create fun cartoon inspired transitions from the prize to product and then finally to our CTA/word-mark. Our aim is to elevate the value of the court-side seat illustration as well as leverage existing brand assets to create a memorable and unique creative that viewers will identify with.

Style References

Here we demonstrate various styles referenced to inspire concepts for our spot. Isometric viewpoints and ‘tiny world’ city tiles.


All animation elements, the box, product, offer, transitions and CTA will be fun, bouncy and full of character and anticipation. We’ll also be exploring some use of stop-motion staccato-style frame rates and movements to adda hand-made tactile feel to the project. Not being hampered by a 2D vs 3D choice will also allow us to achieve a unique look that is all our own. Here are some references: