DoorDash – Dash That

Colour & Finishing

Client: DoorDash Canada

Agency: Hard Work Club
Founder/ Executive Creative Director, Writer: Meghan Kraemer
Founder/ Executive Creative Director, Art Director: Christian Buer
Head of Integrated Production: Monika Ghobrial
Director of Project Management: Cecilia Hui
Director of Brand Leadership: Lindsay Day

Post Production: Studio Feather
Colourist: Ana Escorse
Colour Assist: Ebi Agbeyegbe
Finishing/VFX: Julian Van Mil
CG: Karol Kisiel & Shafiq Rehman
Motion Design: Justin Wotherspoon
Online Assist: Dequiera Atherton
Producer: Airees Angellakis
EP: Sara Windrim

ProdCo: Alfredo Films
Director: Lonan Garcia
DP: Olmo Sobrino
Executive Producers: Holly Rowden, Alexander Henry
Line Producer: Jeff Schwartz
Production Designer: Dylan Juckes 
Wardrobe: Kate Day 
Hair and Makeup: Shannon Burnett 
Food Stylist: Noah Whiteoff 

Offline: Outsider Editorial
Editor: Michael Barker
Assistant Editor: Kerstin Juby
Senior Producer: Kayan Choi
EP: Kristina Anzlinger

Audio: SNDWRx
Music Creative Direction & Sound Design: Didier Tovel
SNDWRx Choir: Wade O’ Brown, Londa Larmond & Jennifer Lewin
Composers: Mike Henley, Alex Gluch, D.Tovel
Casting: D.Tovel, Becca Friesen
Mixing Engineers: Alex Gluch
Mixing Assistants: Colin Brown, River Radcliffe
English Voice Over: Britta B
French Voice Over: Melanie Paiment

Colour and Finishing

Colourist: Ana Escorse
Colour Assist: Ebi Agbeyegbe
Finishing/VFX Artist: Julian van Mil 
CG: Karol Kisiel, Shafiq Rehman
Motion Design: Justin Wotherspoon
Online Assist: Dequiera Atherton

DoorDash – Dash That
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