Knix – Leakproof

Colour + Online

Client: KNIX
CEO: Joanna Griffiths
VP Brand Marketing: Barry Alexander
Creative Director: Dave Barber

Agency: Hard Work Club 
Partner, Growth & Operations: Cameron Stark 
Partner, Creative Director, Art Director: Christian Buer
Partner, Creative Director, Copywriter: Meghan Kraemer 
Agency Producer: Erica Metcalfe 

Production House: Skin and Bones 
Director: Kelsey Larkin 
Director of Photography: Kris Bonnell 
Executive Producer: Joan Bell / Liane Thomas
Line Producer: Michelle Woodward 

Offline: Outsider Editorial 
Editor: Michael Barker 
Assistant Editor: Lia Han 
Executive Producer: Kristina Anzlinger 
Editorial Producer: Kayan Choi / Denise Shearer 

Music and Sound Design: SNDWRx 
Song: “Blood Sweat and Pee” composed and written by Didier Tovel 
Performed by: Exmiranda 
Sound Design: Geoff Devine 
Coordinating Producers: Alison Lawee, Becca Friesen 

Colour + Online

Colourist: Ana Escorse
Colour Assist: Janella Cabus
Online Artist: Sonia Ruffolo

Knix – Leakproof
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