PROLINE+ Style Frames

Hey The Hive

We heard it’s time to enter a new dimension of betting 🏀⚽️⚾️🥎🥌🏒

The PLUS Side

Our main goal with this campaign pre-announcement will be to define a long lasting and reusable ‘portal’ that will usher in this new era of betting. The portal, the world around it, and it’s transitional elements will all play a key role in creating a definitive look and feel for The PLUS Side. We will focus on nailing these elements so that a viewer knows they’re in our PROLINE+ world.


Simple Neon

The first style attempts to hit all the marks and rely on clear communication. We have metallic, classically styled vault, with some exaggerated neon lighting to make it pop. The environment is present, but dark and moody – it fills in the space, but doesn’t call attention to itself.


PLUS+ Mesh

Our PLUS+ is armoured in a futuristic mesh woven together with PLUS+ shapes. The mesh is slowly undulating and can morph open to reveal our portal.



A mirrored treatment for the PLUS+. It required a more pronounced environment to reflect. We’ve gone with a minimal, but dramatic, dawn-sky. We could use this device to help reveal the PLUS+: a glimmer of light could snake over the horizon to start our spot.


High Tech

A more sci-fi take, with an impressive high-tech vault locking mechanism. The intricate opening of the vault door, each ‘section’ of the PLUS+ going in it’s own direction, could serve as a dramatic focus point for the spot.