Hey Hive

We heard it’s time to enter a new dimension of betting 🏀⚽️⚾️🥎🥌🏒

The PLUS Side

Our main goal with this campaign pre-announcement will be to define a long lasting and reusable ‘portal’ that will usher in this new era of betting. The portal, the world around it, and it’s transitional elements will all play a key role in creating a definitive look and feel for The PLUS Side. We will focus on nailing these elements so that a viewer knows they’re in our PROLINE+ world.

Beyond the straight forward mask of our 3D ‘plus’ looking into the plus side, we’ve put together some initial thoughts and techniques we could employ:


The physical PLUS object can be metallic and heavy. It’s a statement. It should feel high quality, something you want to reach out and touch. We would want to add an otherworldly quality on-top of standard metal shaders; think car paint, or hyper quality. A shimmer beyond specular highlights that entices your gaze. We will achieve this through physical 3D shaders and heavily directed HDRI lighting.

Graphical Layers

Like an onion skin, multiple layers and textured interactions of the ‘PLUS’ could lead us through our view into the portal. This would require exploration to define our specific use of graphical elements, but the potential is endless.

Physical Interaction

The portal spilling into the physical scene both around and through it’s edge. This could be something as major as debris to something as subtle as small spacial distortions.

Light Artifacts

The lighting quality of the portal can play a front and centre role in the split between our world and The PLUS Side. We think it could be nice to mix graphical computer generated lighting with more optical lens artifacts, glows and flares.

Some of our relevant work


Hardy Boys

Bryson Tiller


CG Product Reel

Julian van Mil

The lead artist we’re putting forward is Julian van Mil, our creative director and Sr. Online artist. You can view some of his featured work here.