Mint – YouTube Shorts

Youtube Shorts - :60 video with cut-downs

Hey Mint Agency

We heard it’s time for some short shorts 🩳

YouTube Shorts

An evolution from our previous campaign, our aim is to build and refine on the AGF style that’s already been established. Our audience is familiar with the AGF design language, and we feel there’s still room to zero in and polish up the renderings and movement. We’re aiming to level up both the rendering quality and create a driving seamless camera to push the forward momentum of AGF’s brand identity. For this spot we’ll need be using an ‘isometric’ viewpoint over a continues, complex map of city tiles.

Style References

Here we demonstrate various styles referenced to inspire concepts for our spot. Isometric viewpoints and ‘grid’ city tiles, as well as some options for more graphical ‘paths’.

Navigation Path Sketches

Some quick pencil sketches to help demonstrate some navigation path concepts.

An illuminated line that can quickly navigate around our various city tiles. The line can also be translucent showing the grid underneath.

Multiple lines could shoot across the city-scape, showing the complexity and nuance needed to navigate through today’s markets. The lines could also illuminate the scene.

Our floor can be made up of thousands of ‘digital’ tiles that could raise, rotate or glow to illuminate our path.

A more whimsical approach could be a curved line that isn’t bound to any grid, and instead floats completely un-bound by the constraints of the ‘maze’.

Another option is that our ‘path’ is formless, and instead made of light only. The path will light up the various blocks as it passes through our cityscape.