Wattpad – Brand Stories

Hey Wattpad

We heard it’s time for some original content 💃



Open to a similar but different universe explosion.

VO: It’s time to tell your brand story


The WBO logo shifts to the left and the screen fills with examples Brand Original product examples on devices.

VO: Introducing: Wattpad Brand Originals,


The examples continue to shuffle on more devices.

VO: our way of enabling brands to entertain their audience through original programming


We transition through a portal and find our roller-skater woman, this time ….

VO: Wattpad is the social network for storytelling, and Wattpad Brand Partnerships


… showing off a great example on her phone.

VO: works with the world’s biggest brands and entertainment companies to harness the power of great storytelling. 


We zoom through another portal to find our book-worm woman showing off our stats.

VO: 90-million readers and writers call Wattpad home every month. 80% of them are Gen Z.


Through yet another portal we find our new character, Angel, sitting on the school steps browsing her phone.

VO: Reaching Gen Z today requires a new approach….brands should look to entertain them. That’s where Wattpad comes in.


We frame into Angel’s phone, and we see a massive library of Wattpad titles.

VO: Wattpad is disrupting entertainment. How? Through one of the world’s largest libraries of original content, built-in audiences, the next generation of authors, and a positive community.


The library morphs into a data stream, and a few key titles are identified and highlighted. We have our on-screen text animate in and out with VO.

VO: Using the data behind stories, we can identify the ones most likely to succeed off-platform.


Our endless stream of titles and data feed directly into the back of an illustrated film camera filming the Wattpad WEBTOON Studios logo and different formats they turn stories into.

VO: Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, our in-house studio, are experts in turning stories into other formats of entertaining content that become award-winning hits….


Through another portal, we see the entertainment partners Wattpad has previously done branded originals with.


Back through a portal and we find our coffee shop woman. She’s showing off the greatest hits…

VO: ….like After, Turn On, and Light as a Feather.


This time we punch into the posters, highlighting the titles (these could become video clips as well)

VO: Through Wattpad Brand Originals, your brand can turn a Wattpad story into an entertaining hit off platform. 


We zoom back out into our universe view.

VO: We’ll manage everything from Creative Ideation to Development, Production, Distribution, and Amplification.


VO: Together, we can tell meaningful stories that can change the world.


VO: We invite your brand to harness the power of great storytelling to create future entertainment hits!