Well.ca – VFX Development


We’ve been working on our specific mix of growth for our spot. We’re trying to create a nice mix of greenery, flowers with a spring feeling, but also match the tone of what Shaunoh is shooting.

Flower Growth

We’ve been developing our flower growth system. Here’s a proof on concept. Work is continuing on specific plant selection as well as staggering / separating the systems out (i.e. moss grows before grass, before tall grass, before plants, before flowers).


We think there’s a great opportunity to have a ‘tuplip’ moment amongst all the other growth. We’ve been working on very finally detailed 3D tulip models so we have the option in the edit to include a cut-away close up to these tulips as a focus.

Treehouse Look Dev

Concepts for our treehouse design / look and feel. We’re amazing for a house that is warm, welcoming, but also looks well kept, and feel as though at one point, was not in a tree. The floor is temporary, and for reference only, once we have a stock plate selected, we’ll be doing an integration pass.