We heard it’s time to get some realistic climate solutions 🌿

Wetlands, Grasslands and Coastlines

Through the use of 3D animation, 2D motion design, mixed-physical media and 3D tracking we’ll work with you to create a truly unique and memorable environment. Here are some jumping off points to make sure we achieve our spot’s creative ‘mis-direct’ while maintaining a polished quality while also creating this during the winter months.

Concept #1 – Macro

Extreme macro or ‘close-up’ shots of elements of our wetland environment to frame our text. These beautiful, organic textures hint that we’re about to see something amazing, but we’re not sure what. Then the final reveal of our hero drone shot of the Canadian wetlands.

Concept #2 – Explainer Transition

We’ll begin with an extremely well executed corporate ‘explainer’ video… however ours will have subtle hints at our conceit – additional elements of natural elements. Once the explainer video is nearing it’s end, we surprise our viewers with a cleaver graphical transition in a beautiful, majestic drone shot of the Canadian Wetlands; devoid of noise or clutter it’s a breath of fresh air.

The Transition Moment

Our magic moment where we lead from animated typography to the real wetlands. We think we can use the typography as a ‘window’ that we push through.

Concept #3 – 3D Object Gallery

A minimalistic empty dark studio room, devoid of nature, except different objects removed from their environment and put on display like a gallery. A rock, a reed of grass, a lilli pad. Until we get our revel and we fly through a frame into the real word.

Our Reels

At Feather we’ve had experience creating some far out there, eye-catching, surreal worlds.


In our spare time at Feather we experiment. Thousands and thousands of experiments. We love experiments, here are 3.